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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"Cars, Coffee, and a Slightly Used Casket" by K. C. Hilton

Our favorite car dealer is back, kicking ass and taking names, and she's just as fabulous as ever.

Julia Karr is a used car lot owner and she isn't expecting an invitation to the popularity pool. Her business is drowning with past due accounts, difficult customers and crazy repossessions. In order to get the vacation of her dreams, Julia makes a deal with her husband.

After catching a burglar, tackling a customer, and looking down the barrel of a gun, it's clear to this feisty car dealer that her vacation may be harder to achieve than she thought. Daily chaos drives Julia to eat more chocolate, buy more wine, and prepare for the afterlife. She could blame it on the contractor, the cheap casket, or a naked friend, but she'd rather blame it on the car lot.

Julia Karr is at it again. It's always one crazy thing after another when it comes to her and her used car lot. This time around, she catches a would-be burglar stuck in her office window, is remodeling her kitchen and making plans for what will happen once she's no longer living (it helps that the local mortician makes amazing cookies). You just never know what will happen when Julia is around.

I enjoyed Cars, Coffee, and a Slightly Used Casket far more than the first book (it's advertised that you can read these as stand alones, but I don't recommend it. Read Cars, Coffee and a Badass Ninja Toilet first). While several of the chapters were semi episodic, this book had an overall plot from start to finish which appears to be a necessity in my reading. Several characters had and arc this time as well. I also liked that there was more character development and overall more characters. I'm still not in love with the made up names for characters (Julia's husband is Romeo for instance) nor with some of the pun humor (not my taste), but as I am now used to that being the style, it didn't bother me as much this time around. The one thing that really bothered me was the reference to Janet Evanoich's Stephanie Plum series, but I know that I just don't like those kind of references in books. 

Overall, this was a fun read. I wasn't certain if I would like this book as the first one wasn't quite my cup of tea (or coffee), but I always feel the need to finish a series once I start. I am glad that I kept reading. It really felt like K.C. Hilton had found her niche with Julia's character and this book was so much stronger than the first. I never felt like I was waiting for the action to get started. I'm very curious to see where this series goes (assuming there are more books coming, I'm not privy to that information). Readers that enjoy zany characters in hilarious and unbelievable situations, will likely enjoy reading this book.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Thank you for participating in the Julia Karr series book tour and taking the time to post a review. It's greatly appreciated! I love the covers, the quirky titles and making people laugh. I'm taking notes for a third book. Fingers crossed!


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