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Saturday, September 15, 2018

"I Survived" series by Lauren Tarshis

I cannot gush about this series enough. I love when a book gets a kid excited about reading, and when that love grows when I can inform the kid "but wait, there's more!" On top of that, I love when a series has appeal for both boys and girls. And I really love when a book can inspire kids to want to learn more outside of the book they have just read. And the I Survived series does this! All of it!

Throughout her series, Lauren Tarshis has captured snapshots of various times in history and recounted them from the perspective a kid living through that event. Every kid ends up right in the middle of the action. Even though it's often terrifying, you know that character is going to be okay, otherwise they wouldn't be the star of a book titled I Survived. I appreciate that Tarshis is able to put a fair amount of information into her stories, without it being overloading or boring. In addition, each book has informational text at the end to give the reader a bit more knowledge of the event itself. As an adult I have learned quite a bit.  Prior to reading this series I knew nothing of the shark attacks in New Jersey or the Children's Blizzard in the Dakotas. In each book, I learn something new and almost always do a little bit more research on my own after finishing the book.

I have read most of the books and have also listened to some of the audio versions. I think my favorite part of the audio versions is the interviews with Lauren Tarshis. It's very interesting to hear in her own voice how she does her research and how she goes about writing her books. I'm not sure if this is something that will be of interest to young readers, but I find it fascinating.

This series is great for reader's that aren't super confident in their reading skills, but are still ready for chapter books. The writing is simple enough that even beginning readers will be able to read the material, but interesting enough that more mature readers won't be bored. I highly recommend this books for teachers, librarians, and parents. They also make a great gift for that young reader in your life!

Happy Reading!

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