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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Yo! Yes?" by Chris Raschka

This book is very well crafted and absolutely delightful. It covers the meeting and the development of friendship between two very different boys. Through minimal words, the boys are able to communicate their differences, the emotions, and how their relationship changes from strangers to friends.

Even though this book is very simple, I loved it. Chris Raschka has created a wonderful book with Yo! Yes? I love that this book is not wordy as there is something overwhelming about a "picture book" that has huge sections of text. I also like that this book is perfect for two readers. I saw it "performed" at storytime with two different people reading the two parts. While this isn't necessary to convey the message of the book, it does give it even more depth and helps to bring the story off of the page. This book is excellent and I highly recommend it!

Happy Reading!

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