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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Undaunted: Five True Stories from World War II" by J. Pepper Bryars

I am a little conflicted about this book. It was a very interesting look at several people's journeys during World War II. However, I felt the the writing was a little juvenile and overall it was far too short.

From the title, you can get the overall set-up of Undaunted: Five True Stories from World War II. Each chapter follows a different person at a different location during the war. While I like the overall concept of this book, upon finishing it, I was left with a desire for more. At times, it reminded me of a school assignment where the writer had done some research, but not quite enough and was rushing to get the final paper finished in time to turn in. This really is a shame as Bryars had a great concept for this book. I'm guessing some of my struggle with this book is not being sure who it's target audience is. Length-wise I could see it being great for kids, but as some of the topics are a little graphics, I would suggest it for more mature readers.

As a book delving into the lives of people who were in the middle of World War II, I would have to say that this an okay read. I would love it is Bryars took this book and expanded it into something more either with more details pertaining to each person or more stories from other people. I'm not sure if I would recommend this book. Perhaps as a quick resource guide to find out more about World War II, but I would definitely recommend branching out into other books as well.

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