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Sunday, May 25, 2014

"That Day in September" by Artie Van Why

Nearly anyone who can remember that day has their story from September 11, 2001. Though many are not as traumatizing, each one is important. In That Day in September, Artie Van Why recounts his experience during the attack on the Twin Towers, the chaos taking place in the street below, his journey away from the attack and his recovery after. Though this memoir is short in comparison to some, it is very compelling and will leave an impression with it's readers.

Artie Van Why was not inside the Twin Towers when they were attacked, but this did not save him from the horror of event. He worked in a building across from the towers and found himself caught in the disaster at the ground level. I have read many accounts from that tragic day and have found that many focus on those that were inside the towers. I have read very little from those that were outside during the initial attack. Van Why recounts what was taking place outside of the tower, the people, the insanity. It is a very quick read, but also powerful. Though it isn't the greatest writing, Van Why does capture the emotions of the day and the horror he witnessed. At times, this book is not an easy read as this is not a work of fiction. This really happened, these people really died. This book is in no way a fun read, but I feel strongly that it is an important read.

At the time I am writing this review, That Day in September is available for free on kindle.

Happy Reading!

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