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Friday, May 16, 2014

"Robot Zombie Frankenstein!" by Annette Simon

This book is ridiculously cute! Two robots try to out do each other; the first one pretends to be a zombie, the next zombie Frankenstein, and so on and so forth. In the end, they figure out that friendship is more important than being better than the other. I thought this book was absolutely adorable and can't wait to share it with the kiddos.

This book has lots of bright colors and is very shape oriented. Younger kids will enjoy the fun illustrations, older kids can begin to identify the various shapes and colors. This book is probably going to appeal a little more to boys, but I also know some girls that will enjoy it as well (plus I don't believe that any product is solely for just boys or just girls). I highly, highly recommend Robot Zombie Frankenstein!  and really look forward to reading more by Annette Simon.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Wow, Melly, thanks for the kind words! Robot and Robot recently returned in ROBOT BURP HEAD SMARTYPANTS! (Gulp.)


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