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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Freakboy" by Kristin Elizabeth Clark

I have read so many good books already this year so I know that choosing my Top 10 in December is going to be very difficult. Freakboy is probably going to make that list. Brendan is everything a teenage boy could want to be; a jock, popular, he has a wonderful girlfriend. And yet, something is missing though he's not quite sure what that is. Vanessa (the girlfriend) isn't a typical girl. Sure she does the normal girl stuff, but she's also on her school's wrestling team. She loves Brendan, but at times struggles with the fact that he is often distant. And then there's Angel. Angel is a girl that works at a local LGBTQ center. She meets Brendan quite by accident and slowly becomes an important figure in his life. And one other thing- she's transgender. It takes some time, but Brendan begins to realize that the reason he's not really happy with himself is that the person he is isn't who he wants to be, but instead, he would rather be a girl.

This book was fantastic. Clark has tackled a very difficult topic but does so without judgement or criticism. I have very little about transgender teens and know that it is not a situation that is easy to face. I am so glad that this book exists. There were times where it was a little difficult to read because some of the emotions are so intense, but every moment of this book felt extremely real. I could visual these characters and it was very easy to imagine that they could really exist. I think that Clark has hit the ball out of the park with this book and can't express how important I think that it be read by teens. Those going through similar situations or trying to help friends with their transitions can get much insight out of this book. Fans of Ellen Hopkins will likely adore this book as well (notice her quote on the front cover). Seriously, if you haven't read this book yet, you must!

More insight into this novel:

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Happy Reading!

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