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Friday, May 9, 2014

"Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell

It's official, I love Rainbow Rowell! Cath is beginning her first year of college, though she isn't really looking forward to it. Her sister, Wren, is ready for the new challenge of being away from home, but Cath isn't nearly as social or into changes. She would much rather spend her time working on her fan fiction novel, Carry On, Simon Snow, based on the popular Simon Snow book series. Fangirl follows Cath through her first year of college and the ups and downs of dorm life, making new friends, adjusting to the changing relationship with her twin and the difficulties her father is going through that began when her mother left but have intensified since the girls have gone off to school.

This book was excellent. Something that I really enjoyed was that it wasn't structured in such a way where the characters simply went from Point A to Point B and that was the end of the book. There were many layers to this novel and several plot lines, but Rowell wrote it in such a way that it worked and kept me interested. Real life doesn't follow a predicable timeline where everything falls into place at the right time and neither did this book, something I appreciated. I really felt for Cath as she goes through the struggles of starting over in a new place and figuring out how to adapt. The only part of this novel I wasn't particularly a fan of was the excerpts from the Simon Snow novels and Cath's fan fiction. The only reason for this is that I'm that interested in that genre, so it says nothing about the writing. Rowell has created wonderful characters and I wouldn't mind seeing more in this universe. This book is yet another must read!

Happy Reading!

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