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Saturday, April 26, 2014

"What Does the Fox Say" by Ylvis, Illustrated by Svein Nyhus

I had to read this. I have seen the You tube video, had the song stuck in my head, and been bombarded by those that want to know What Does the Fox Say, so when I saw the book, I had to pick it up. While I get the gimmick of it, the transition from Youtube sensation to children's picture book just didn't work for me.

The book really is a novelty. Those that love the video might enjoy the book, but without the original source material, I think this title falls flat. I can't imagine anyone that has never seen the video actually trying to read the nonsense the fox says nor can I see it keeping kids interested. The illustrations had a definite style to them, but overall they didn't really appeal to me. As a general rule, I want illustrations to be bright and colorful and the muted tones of these pictures bored me. I also just didn't care for the style choice as it didn't seem to fit with the "story." I don't mean to bash this book since I know that many have enjoyed it, but I highly recommend this being a library check-out before actually purchasing it. Since illustrated books like this one tend to be quite expensive, it would probably be good to give it a "test drive" before spending money on a book that might always sit on the shelf. Hopefully those that do go out and buy will get plenty of enjoyment from this title.

Happy Reading!

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