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Friday, April 18, 2014

"The Crocodile and the Scorpion" by Rebecca Emberley, illustrated by Ed Emberley

This book actually surprised me. I am familiar with the tale itself, but when I first started to read this re-telling, I couldn't help but assume it would have an altered, happy ending. I am pleased to say that this take on The Crocodile and the Scorpion was true to the old tale that I have heard many times before.

Neither the crocodile nor the scorpion is very intelligent. The scorpion wants to cross the river but knows he can't do it without help. Crocodile is able to help, but also know the risk that the scorpion has a deadly stinger. And the scorpion knows that crocodiles like to bite. Will the two be able to trust each other and get across to the other side of the river?

So what makes this version stand out from any other version? For me, it was the beautiful illustrations. Every page is an absolute work of art. Rebecca and Ed have created an absolute masterpiece. If you are familiar with the story, then you know it has a somewhat tragic end. I wouldn't recommend this book to the youngest of readers and I would count on kiddos asking questions about the ending,but I also think that book discussions are good at any age. Hope you like this book as much as I do!

Happy Reading!

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