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Saturday, April 12, 2014

"The Cow Loves Cookies" by Karma Wilson

Cute, cute, cute! I so loved this book! Each of the animals on the farm has their food that they enjoy. The horse eats hay, the chickens eat feed and the pigs eat slop. But what about the cow? Well The Cow Loves Cookies! Kids will delight in the repetition and will want to help read along as you recite the animals and food. And even more, they will be anxious to find out why the cow loves cookies (and how he gets so lucky as to eat such a delicious treat).

I had not heard of this book before it showed up at the library, but I am so glad I got the opportunity to read it. I adore books that encourage participation from kids, as this one does. Though it doesn't repeat the same phrases over and over again, the general words do get used again and kids will catch on to the rhyme scheme and will join in. I really need to spend more time with Karma Wilson's books. I have read so few of them, but what I have read is absolutely delightful. I have a list of favorite children's books that I love to give as presents (baby showers, birthdays, etc.) and I am pleased to say that this book just made that list. Kids (and adults) of all ages are going to love this book!

Happy Reading!

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