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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"No Bath! No Cake! Polly's Pirate Party" by Matthias Weinert

What kid wouldn't want a band of pirates to come to their birthday party? And what pirate wouldn't want to go to a birthday party? Unfortunately, Pete the parrot thinks that the pirates need to clean up their act before they go to the party. As you might guess, the birthday girl isn't too thrilled when a group of clean, well-dressed men show up instead of the unruly pirates she invited. No Bath! No Cake! will delight all kids (though maybe don't read it when trying to convince your kid that they need to take a bath).

It's so early in the year and I have big plans to read as many picture books as I can get to, but this one is one of my favorites so far (of this year, I mean). The illustrations are perfect for a set of pirates, a little rough, but I really liked that about this book. I giggled quite a bit while reading this one and can't wait for the opportunity to share it with some little ones.

Happy Reading!

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