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Monday, March 24, 2014

Meet Tashera, The Main Character from "Accused" by Yasmin Shiraz

Meet Tashera
The Main Character from Accused by Yasmin Shiraz

My name is Tashera Odom. I'm a freshman at Georgia Atlantic University.  During my last year in high school, I was attacked by three girls that I didn't know. I was in the hospital and everything. It was the ABSOLUTE worst! There was press coverage, some of it was put in the book, Retaliation. But anyway, I got over it. I don't know how really. I guess my boyfriend, Ahmed, helped me. Well, after going through that, I decided that I wanted to leave Washington, DC. That's where I grew up. So, my boyfriend and I both got accepted into this school in Georgia and now we're here as freshman.

Everything seemed fine, until I joined this young women's support group. See, since I was attacked, sometimes, I get angry, and frustrated. People say that I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I don't know about that. I just walk around pissed off sometimes. Well, anyway, since joining this group, I've noticed that a lot girls on campus have been getting drugged and raped. I thought getting jumped was bad but I think this is worse.  The girls can't remember what happened to them. It's like somebody wiped away their memory or something. Some real 'caught up in the Matrix' type stuff.

I don't like that this is happening.  I've joined a self-defense class and coupled with this women's support group, I'm going to do something about the person or persons who are attacking my fellow women students on campus. I'm not a detective, but I'm no longer a victim either. All I know is, this stuff isn't right and I'm going to do something about it.  

If I were to tell you something about myself, I would say these three things:
1. When someone takes something away from you, it changes you.  In my case, I was beat up for no reason and it forced me to see people differently. There are real cold people in this world.

2. I don't believe that any ONE person wears a cape. I believe we all wear capes. When I was beaten last year, no one came to that empty lot to save me.  And, because of that I know that I want to do more to wear a cape for myself and help others find their capes.

3. I believe everyone must try harder. If you don't like a situation or circumstance, you gotta find a way to change it. I made the mistake of thinking that my mom could solve all my problems, but you know what? I had to learn to solve some of my problems for myself. So, I now consider myself a problem solver.

Now, you know something about me.



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