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Monday, February 10, 2014

"My Story" by Elizabeth Smart

I have read a lot of memoirs where the writer was in some tragic situation but managed to escape and is now pushing past that horrible time in their life. But no matter how many I read, it never ceases to amaze me how strong these people are to overcome these situations and I never get used to just how ugly the world can be. Elizabeth Smart was just fourteen years old when she was kidnapped to be the second wife of Brian David Mitchell who was helped by his wife, Wanda Barzee. Though these sort of stories almost always end tragically, Elizabeth managed to survive and was rescued nine months later. In My Story she recounts everything from the day she was taken to the day she returned. Mitchell and Barzee caused her so much pain and took so much from her that it is absolutely amazing to see that she has risen above that situation and become a woman working to make a change for other victims. Even though I have never met her, and likely never will, I can't help but be proud of Elizabeth.

Like most who will read this book, I remember when the story of Elizabeth's kidnapping was all over the news. I remember thinking about what I would do if someone snuck into my house at night to take me. I remember watching the reports when she had been found and the tabloid covers in the weeks after. I even read Bringing Elizabeth Home though I felt it was lacking something. Now I know that it was really lacking Elizabeth's voice. Yes, this book has graphic moments and it shouldn't be read for light enjoyment. But it is a powerful read and story that won't be easily forgotten. 

Happy Reading!

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