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Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Clang! Clang! Beep! Beep!: Listen to the City" by Robert Burleigh, illustrated by Beppe Giacobbe

This book is pretty neat! The sentences are short and they rhyme, great for kiddos with a shorter attention span for books. I really enjoyed the illustrations and how the various sounds were incorporated into the artwork. This is probably not the kind of book that I would share at bedtime. Instead, I would want to encourage kids to mimic the sounds and just have fun with it.

Something I really like about this book is how much fun I think it would be to create activities based on Robert Burleigh's writing and Beppe Giacobbe's art. I love when I come across children's party's that go above and beyond the store-bought party decorations and enjoy them even more if they are book related. In my head I can see decorations based on New York, party favors and games based around cars and boats and a very cute birthday cake. If there's a market for children's parties themed around books, can I get that job?

The rhythm of this book is so fantastic, I was actually a little sad when the boy's day ended and he went back to sleep. I had a lot of fun with this book and think that you will too.

Happy Reading!

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