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Saturday, January 18, 2014

"From the Mist ( Never Girls #4)" by Kiki Thorpe

I hate when I start a series out of order. I have a tendency to go through my library's collection of books that can be read on the kindle and checkout whatever is available (and since this was right after Christmas, the answer was: not much! Seems a lot of people were trying out their new e-readers). Because of this, I checked out From the Mist not realizing that it was number four in the series. Thankfully I only felt a little lost jumping into the middle of the series (I think the only thing I really missed out on was character introduction and finding out how the girls found Never Land). Despite this, I liked where the book was going and how it was written, even though it wasn't for me.
As a kid, almost every book that I enjoyed was realistic. Until I read Harry Potter, none of the books I read had events that couldn't happen in reality. Knowing this about myself, had I read this book when I was around eight or nine, I wouldn't have enjoyed it. Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby are able to visit Never Land and in this particular book, the girls visit when on an extremely foggy day and realize that Kate may be in danger when she takes a ride on a mist horse. Can the other girls and the fairies find her before it is too late?

Overall there isn't anything wrong with the plot. It's meets all the requirements I think a book for younger girls should contain. It's fun, has adventure, and strong female characters. But my inner eight-year-old just doesn't want to read a book about fairies (actually, my inner twenty-something doesn't want to either. And she's not a fan of anything Tinkerbelle related, so other Never Land fairies aren't interesting as well). That being said, I can completely see the appeal of these books and know that they will be a hit for girls that are fans of the Tinkerbelle franchise. They are also a great starting point for girls with an interest in fantasy that aren't ready to read some of the longer books out there.

Happy Reading!

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