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Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Christmas in Camelot" by Mary Pope Osborne

Sadly, these books came out towards the end of the time when I was originally reading books like this (who knew I would start reading books for younger readers again as an adult) so I only read one. I snagged a copy of Tonight on the Titanic at some free book event at my school and I remember liking it, but never sought out the rest of the series. However, with Christmas coming up, I thought a visit with Jack and Annie would be appropriate.

In Christmas in Camelot, Jack and Annie are transported to Camelot but it's a very different Camelot than the one usually in the legends. Magic has been prohibited and the entire land is in despair. It is up to Jack and Annie to save the day- and Sirs Lancelot, Galahad and Percival!  There is actually very little focus on the fact that it is Christmas, something I thought was interesting since that was the alliteration word of choice for the title. While I think that this is a great book to use as an introduction for kids to the legend of King Arthur, I would have to say that I have a hard time counting it as a Christmas story. While kids who are into the Magic Tree House series will love this book, (and I really hope that kids who read these book look into finding out more about the places Jack and Annie visit. I know that had I read more of these books as a kid, I would have!) you don't necessarily have to save it for Christmas time.

Happy Reading!

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