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Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Belle's Star" by Connie Gotsch and Illustrated by John Cogan

*Part of my Local Author Spotlight!*

Belle has had a rough life. No one wants her and her owners are about to toss her to the side of the road when miracle happens. This miracle comes about in the form of a girl named Darcy. Soon Belle has something she has never known before- a real home. But after having such a rough start, can she change and learn to love and be loved in return?

Belle's Star is a great dog book. The story is told entirely from Belle's point of view, and we get to see through her eyes as she learns what is's like to be someone's pet. Connie Gotsch did a great job at capturing Belle's thoughts and what it must be like to make such a dramatic adjustment. I would consider myself very much a dog person and it is clear that the Gotsch had a great understanding of dogs and was able to channel it quite well through her writing. It's a shame that there will only be three books in about Belle. If you have an affinity for dogs and stories about them, you won't want to miss the Belle series (and if you like them, I also recommend Ann M. Martin's A Dog's Life).

Happy Reading!

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