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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Wild Cards" by Simone Elkeles

Simone Elkeles has written yet another winner! She is one of those authors that I just love everything that she has written, and Wild Cards is no exception!  Derek and Ashtyn have nothing in common- except for the fact that they now have to live together. Derek's stepmother is Ashtyn's sister so when Brandi decides that she is going to move back home, Derek has no choice but to go with his stepmother and stepbrother. Little does he know that his entire life is about to change. Recently kicked out of his prestigious boarding school, Derek is still learning how to live in a world without his mother who passed away from cancer. Ashtyn (is awesome) is the the kicker for her school's football team and (naturally) is dating the quarterback, Landon, but everything with their relationship isn't quite what it seems. When Derek shows up and adds some extra testosterone to the mix, things start to go crazy. 

Since Elkeles often writes about unlikely couples and because the cover includes kissy faces, it's no surprise when Derek and Ashtyn start to have feelings for each other, but I really like how Elkeles handles their relationship. In the beginning, the two don't want to fall for each other and at different points throughout the novel both fight their feelings. Both characters are so realistic it's crazy. Their emotions and actions come off the page like they are real people. It's very rare that I hope for sequels, but I really want to see more books in this universe (Elkeles' website says "series" so I am allowing myself to be excited for for more books). If you have read any of the books by Elkeles (and if you haven't, why?) you will love this book too. 

Happy Reading!

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