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Monday, October 7, 2013

"The Storyteller" by Jodi Picoult

It's no secret that I have read a lot of holocaust related books in my life time.  Also no secret it that I am (somewhat) a Jodi Picoult fan (I say somewhat only because I have liked everything I have read but haven't read everything yet).  So for me The Storyteller is a great combination.

Sage keeps mostly to herself but when she is approached by a prominent, elderly gentleman from her community she will get the shock of a lifetime. Josef Weber asks Sage to kill him.  He was an SS Guard during the holocaust and can do no longer live with his guilt.  Sage's grandmother managed to survive the holocaust, but has never told anyone the full story.  Conflicted, Sage wants to hear her grandmother's story.  The book spends a lot of it's time flashing back to the events of World War II.  We find out about Minka's (Sage's grandmother) and Josef's pasts and how their paths crossed each other (sorry, spoiler, but it's not a surprise when it happens).  As to be expected from Picoult, there is a twist at the end though not as intense as the other Picoult books I have read (this is the first one that I actually guessed how the novel would end- and I was right!) but the book doesn't focus on the fact that the ending will have a twist.

I was very impressed with this book.  I expected it to read more like the rest of Picoult's books with more drama and controversy.  While this book did have some, it's wasn't nearly as intense as the rest of her books.  I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the holocaust or to anyone that just needs a goo read. I absolutely loved this book!

Happy Reading!

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