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Friday, September 20, 2013

"Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella

What's not to love about Sophie Kinsella?  I love everything she has written (interestingly, I am not as fond of the Madeleine Wickham novels).  Twenties Girl is not exception.  Lara is about to go o her great-aunt Sadie's funeral.  However, she and her family don't really know great-aunt Sadie and attend more out of obligation than anything else.  It's at the funeral when her crazy adventure begins.  Sadie's ghost shows up at the funeral demanding the return of her necklace- and only Lara can see/hear her.  So now she has to stop the funeral, find the necklace, keep her newly founded business afloat, convince her family she's not crazy and try to get her ex-boyfriend back (on top of this, Sadie finds herself a man she wants to date but had to live vicariously through Lara).  Needless to say, you are in for a very fun read.

Kinsella's books are always just enough out there that you cannot put them down, but at the same time they are completely believable.  Her characters are the perfect blend of a little bit over the top, a little bit zany, and 100% loveable.  The writing is fast paced and I always find myself giggling as I read (sometimes to myself, sometimes loudly, out loud, in public).   Basically this review is just a gush of how much I love Sophie Kinsella.  But if you like books that are fun/funny, not really intense, and have a happy ending, then this (and her other books) is for you!

Happy Reading!

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