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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Library Book Sale- IT'S CHRISTMAS!

This weekend was my Christmas.  The local library (were I work) hosted it's annual book sale.  The sale begins with hardbacks priced at $1 and paperbacks at $.50.  I cannot pass up such a deal.  The sale consists of books that the library has weeded from it's collection as well as books that have been donated.  It usually contains a decent number of cds, audio books and dvds, but those aren't as high on my list of"needs". 

I arrived at the library about 15 minutes before the sale would open.  Here is where I was in line.  

For those that aren't familiar with the library, I was wrapped part way around the building.  I guess there was at least 50 people ahead of me, many of them prepared with dollies, boxes, and their game face.

Within minutes of my arrival, here is what the line had become behind me.  The library wasn't even open yet and the parking lot was nearly full.

This is the line once the door were opened and I was able to get around the side of the building.  Note that many people had already gone inside.

And here is what it looked like inside the room. 

I spent more time hovering behind people trying to see what was on the table in front of them and what items they were uncovering that I might be interested in.  I have never seen the book sale look quite that crowded.  Usually I spend about an hour there and leave with a box full.  However, I am not super aggressive, so I didn't get quite as much this year, but am happy nonetheless. 

Some of the gems I discovered (but didn't buy)

The books I went home with.  That's 22 books and I paid $15
(And yes, that is two copies of Notorious Nineteen.  One for me, and one for my mom)

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