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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Revealing Eden" (Save the Pearls #1) by Victoria Foyt

My issue with this book is that I am pretty much over books in this genre.  I have read quite a few books that involve a pretty/strong/nice/insert-description-here heroine in a horrible set-up where she will likely die but then falls in love and everything is alright in the end.  Since this wasn't my cup of tea to begin with I thin I have exhausted that genre for myself.  That said, I did enjoy Revealing Eden

I liked that the premise was one that I hadn't seen before and that Eden had an idea of just how dire her situation was, even at the beginning of the novel.  It seems that the heroine is usually going about life as normal, and are usually waiting for some sort of event/ceremony that takes place every year and that's when their plot really gets rolling.  In Eden's case, if she doesn't mate by the time she is 18, she will die.  And because she was born a "pearl" (really white, not albino, but close) her chances of being chosen are very slim.  Throw in a bunch of science an a man turned into a beast and you are in for an interesting ride.
This book (at least so far, I haven't read past the first book) is relatively different from most of the dystopians I have read.  There is enough action to entertain me and not so much romance that I end up bored or annoyed.  I feel that Foyt's world itself could use a little more development, but overall it was not a bad read.  

Happy Reading!

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