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Saturday, April 13, 2013

"If the Shoe Fits" by Sarah Mlynowski

I am really loving this series!  Shorty after returning from Snow White's fairy tale, Abby and her brother go back through the mirror in If the Shoe Fits.  Abby's mission is to get her lime green pajamas back.  Unfortunately, instead of visiting Snow they end up in Floom and are smack in the middle of CInderella's tale.  Determined to not mess anything up this time, the two begin to look for a mirror so that they can get back home.  But in the process they manage to mess things up big time for Cinderella.  Now they have to help her become self-sufficient so that she is worthy of marrying the prince.  I'm not going to tell you how it ends- but know that a lot of baking is involved (I really wanted chocolate after reading this book).

Fairy Tales are all the rage right now (and they have been for quite some time).  It seems that a good chunk of stories coming out at the moment (not just books, but movies too) are either some sort of retelling or a modernization of someone else's story.  Sometimes I am okay with that.  Sometimes I wish the author had just left the source material alone.  And sometimes someone like Mlynowksi comes along and writes a book that I just can't put down and keeps me laughing until the end.  Though, let's be fair, everything that I have read by Mlynowski (and that's quite a bit) has kept me laughing.  Awhile back the Top Ten Tuesday theme was authors you automatically buy just because their name is on the cover.  I didn't realize at the time (and no, I didn't participate that week), but Mlynowski would be on that list.  I just love everything she has written!

If you like (good) retellings of fairy tales, like funny stories, or know a little girl who's into either, then this is the series for you!

Happy Reading!

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