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Monday, February 18, 2013

"I'm a Believer: My Life of Monkees, Music, and Madness" by Micky Dolenz

I am a huge fan of The Monkees.  It all started the first time I saw an episode of The Monkees television show.  It led me to a love of all things Monkee related so of course I picked up Micky Dolenz's I'm a Believer: My Life of Monkees, Music, and Madness- and couldn't put it down!  Since I am also crazy about memoirs, this is among the perfect books for me.  It covers Dolenz's life from childhood to post Monkee era.  Reading this book is very reminiscent of the show.  There are many moment that made my giggle, his character on the show was very much based on his personality (or he's really good at writing as though he was the character).   Pretty much, if you are a fan of The Monkees, give this book a read.  Or if you like fun memoirs, that also means you may enjoy this book.

Happy Reading!

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