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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Baby-Sitters' Winter Vacation" by Ann M. Martin

I wish that I had gone to Stoneybrook Middle School.  This has to be the best school ever!  Not only do they take trips to places like Leicester Lodge (and that trip was mandatory- except for Logan apparently),  but it seems like they have a week or two off every few books.  When I was in middle school I took a trip to Boston and New York.  For about nine months I worked my butt off to raise the funds to go on the trip.  Even then I was really thankful that my parents were able to help cover the cost.  This trip consisted of about 50 other kids from my school.  I can't imagine a trip with the entirety of the school!   Also in middle school, there was a choir trip to Salt Lake City.  That meant way less in terms of funds that needed to be raised (buses are way cheaper than plane tickets) but it was still a lot of work- candy sales, car washes, allowance saving... It appeared that in Baby-Sitters' Winter Vacation the entire student body of SMS got to go to Vermont for pretty much nothing.  What a dream!

The BSC is super excited for their vacation.  Quite a few are planning on participating in the school's Snow War- with Kristy leading the event!  Activities include a snowball fight, skiing, and a snow sculpture contest (the only event I would attempt to enter).  But when a bus load of elementary kids are in an accident, the BSC jumps in to look after the kids while their teachers recover.  The girls take turns looking after the children and give them the opportunity to take part in many snow activities.  Of course, there is quite a bit going on outside of babysitting duties.  Mary Anne has signed up to do research about the lodge and finds a ghost story.  Jessi realizes that all of this snow activities could risk her ballet career.  Mallory takes up her Harriet the Spy-ness like in Baby-Sitters on Board.  And Claudia falls in love...again... pretty much your typical Super Special stuff.  

Something I loved about this book was all of the snow.  It doesn't snow a whole lot where I live.  Sure, we usually get one of two decent snowstorms every year, but most of the snow typically melts by noon.  And by decent, I mean a couple of inches and maybe getting sent home early from work because the roads are bad.  I really want to go to a lodge like the Leicester Lodge someday.  Not because I have any real interest in skiing or ice skating (there's a little bit of interest, but I realize that I don't want to spend that much time falling in snow or on ice), but because I want to sit next to a window with a huge pile of books.  However, for now I will just keep up with the BSC.

Happy Reading!

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