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Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Where We Belong" by Emily Giffin

For some reason, I seem to struggle with reviews for adult fiction.  For whatever reason, there is more pressure when writing about a book that wasn't written for youth.  But here I go.

Emily Giffin`'s Where We Belong was an excellent read.  I never know quite what to expect with her books (I've loved everything she's written- that I've read- except for Baby Proof.  I wasn't reviewing books when I read that one, but I basically spent the majority of the novel waiting for the plot to start.  It wasn't until I was almost through with it that I gave up on the idea of there being a story line I really cared about.  *runs as Giffin's fans throw things at me*. So where I'm going with this, I'm always anxious to read her books, but always wary) but thought that this was one of her stronger books (again, out of what I have read).  Marian has a nearly perfect life.  She is producing a hit tv show and has a steady relationship that she is clearly hoping is heading towards marriage.  Her life is fairly drama free until 18-year old Kirby shows up at her door (*spoiler warning* unless you figured out Marian's secret mentioned on the book jacket.  I sure didn't)  wanting to know if Marian is the mother that gave her up for adoption. 

I truely picked this book up because Giffin's name was on the cover.  I had no idea what the story was about and really didn't see it taking the turn it did.  It's a story about finding out who your family is and who you are because of them.  Kirby's goal is to find out about the life she never had.  Marian's trying to reconnect with her daughter and fit Kirby into the life that she's made for herself.  Together they strive to be each others family while trying to not lose ties with the ones they already consider family.  I was a little surprised by how much I enjoyed this book and by the strength of the subject matter.  I am used to Giffin's work being heavily romance based it was a joy to see her write about another topic (and to do a good job with it).  I enjoyed this book quite a bit and heavily recommend it!

Happy Reading!

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