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Monday, October 22, 2012

"Double Take" by Kevin Michael Connolly

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this book.  The concept for Double Take is great, but the writing and the actual story left something to be desired.  Though he was born without legs, Kevin Michael Connolly wasn't raised to be different from anyone else.  He is your average guy, he just happens to be a little shorter than most.  While on a trip overseas, he took a photo of a man that was staring at him.  This picture sparked a project that would last over several countries and that would lead to his future opportunities and success.  It seems like his life would make for a rather engaging memoir.  Sadly, it felt that Connolly desperately needed a ghost writer or a stronger editor to help give the book some real meat.  I read this book rather quickly, the font felt a little big and the margins a little small.  The early chapters that described his childhood and his father's MacGyver-like inventions were interesting, the rest of the novel felt flat.  The only thing that really made up for it was attending an event and hearing Connolly speak.  In person he is quirky, charming, and very captivating.  If you have the opportunity to listen to him speak, go!  But you won't miss a lot if you skip reading his book...

Happy Reading!

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