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Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Big Nate: Out Loud" by Lincoln Peirce

Oh how I love Nate! Lincoln Perice's Big Nate Out Loud was not a disappointment. This book is a collection of comic strips that were originally published in newspapers.  I read this one on my kindle was was very pleased to find that it was formatted in a way that was easy to read (I have come across several books that are formatted horribly and are nearly unreadable).  Big Nate always has some grand scheme up his sleeve- from figuring out how to organize his locker (hypnosis seems like a good plan) to helping his father plan for a 10K marathon. He never fails to make me laugh. There's not a whole lot can say about these books other than I really enjoy them.  Nate is a very realistic character.  He's often getting into mischief and trying to get out of doing homework but is overall good at heart.  It's yet another set of books that I highly recommend for reluctant readers.  If you haven't already picked up one of the books featuring Nate, you missing out.  Give them a shot- you won't regret it!

Happy Reading!

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