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Monday, August 6, 2012

"The Bro-Magnet" by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

The Bro-Magnet by  Lauren Baratz-Logsted disappointed me on multiple levels.  I'm still not sure if the novel is targeted at men or women/adults or teens.  It came across as a teen romance novel that had a last minute change where all of the characters were transitioned from teens to adults.  I expect teens to act this way, not adults.

Johnny Smith has had no luck with women.  In his thirties, he's not married, not in a relationship and seems to pass his time watching sports and being the best man in his friends' weddings.  So when he finally does meet someone, he pretends to be something he's not to impress her.  Again, I would expect this from a book about teenagers.  Teens are allowed to not be comfortable in their own skin and don't always know who they are.  So it makes sense when they don't stay true to themselves.  I can't wrap my mind around a thirty-something man doing the same thing.  There were several times where I almost put this book down knowing full well that I would not wonder what I would be missing out on.  However, I did finish the book and wasn't at all surprised by the ending.  It ended exactly the way I anticipated.

Frankly, there was only one moment where I had any emotion towards the characters, and that emotion was directed towards a very minor character.  I also wasn't a fan of the naming of the characters (a small detail, but something that often bugs me).  I quit taking the book seriously when I found out the the female love interest was Helen Troy.   I like clever names, but not those just taken out of history with no real reason.  Again, I realize this is a small complaint, but I felt the need to voice it.

Overall I don't really recommend this book.  I guess it could be appealing to readers that are in that transition from Young Adult to Adult novels, but even then I'm not sure.  I am curious what men think of this book.  Who knows, maybe they will find it appealing.  Looking at Baratz-Logsted's website, I did see several books that she has written that I have been wanting to read.  I will gladly give these books a chance and hope that the Young Adult genre is more up her alley and that I will like these books.

Happy Reading!

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