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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Muggles and Magic: J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon" by George Beahm

I've heard many complaints about companion books.  Usually such complaints revolve around the author of the companion using the original work to "get rich."  Normally I disagree with that.  The majority of Harry Potter companions that I have read have been entertaining and useful, full of original thoughts and experiences.  New Clues to Harry Potter Book 5: Hints from the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter is a great example of this.  Muggles and Magic: J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon is not.  

This book felt like a cross between a poorly moderated wikipedia page, IMDB and a tabloid.  It had quite of bit of information that I don't believe was correct and that made me question many of the "facts" presented.  About half of the book is dedicated to lists of the actors in the films, merchandise information, ways to get your books signed and other things that I felt were a little ridiculous.  It came across as a combination of hits from a Google search on the boy wizard with all of the information you could obtain bundled into one book you pay for instead of looking online.  Also, unlike the majority of companions I have read, there was no passion behind this.  Usually these books are written by people with an intense connection to the series.  It saddens me to say just how disappointed I was while reading this.  I strongly recommend that you forego reading this and instead re-read the Harry Potter series instead.  Trust me, that's the better decision.  

Happy Reading!

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