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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Monkey Business" by Sarah Mlynowski

I really enjoyed Sarah Mlynowski's Monkey Business (I also really love the name Mlynowski- it is just so much fun to say)!  There was just something about the story line that really caught my interest and I just didn't want to put it down.  It is a novel about four first time business school students.  Their lives immediately intertwine.  Each chapter focusing on the point of view of characters; Russ, Kimmy, Jamie, and Layla.  At times I did get a bit confused- Kimmy starts out with Jamie but then gets interested in Russ (who already has a girlfriend).  Layla falls for someone that looks great on paper, but she has never met him.  And Jamie's trying to re-win Kimmy's affection... There was an awful lot going on, but this was still a fun read.

I have not had a real "college experience."  I have only attended community college so I know nothing of dorm life or if it portrayed accurately in the novel.  But it does seem like a realistic portrayal of how people would interact and react when in such situations.  I would say that this is good book for the transition from Young Adult to Adult Fiction.  I remember when I tried to make that initial transition.  It took me awhile to figure out what books outside of the YA world would appeal to me and what I really wanted to read.  I wish I had been aware of this novel at that time.  I love that Mlynowski has books for both teens and adults.  So if you need a fun and light-hearted book, give this one a try!

Happy Reading!

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