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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"The Century Kids" by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler

"The Century Kidsseries by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler is based on a pretty interesting concept: each book is set in a different decade and follows members of the same family from one decade to the next.  The children are the main characters so each book features familiar faces from the previous title, though the focus changes from book to book.  These books are fiction but contain many historical elements of the last century that will interest and engage young readers.

I stumbled across this series at the library.  I have been a fan of the American Girls books and others titles that introduce history in a kid friendly fashion since I was young.  This series instantly appealed to me for that reason.  I liked that the book keeps up with the same family and keeps the same characters relevant to the story instead of introducing a new set of characters for each bit of history.  I also enjoyed the photos included in each of the books that help to bring the history alive.  Though I found some of the scenarios to be a bit of a stretch (for instance, some of the young boys manage to pick up a radio signal from the Titanic.  It was a little unbelievable to me) that was okay.  It did make for a more interesting read.  As I was reading, I could see this being a series that would appeal to both boys and girls which I really liked as many series seem to be aimed more at one or the other.  I could see this being a series good to have in a classroom or for siblings- any environment where readers could read and discuss the books.  I definitely recommend this series!

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