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Friday, March 30, 2012

"Hooked" by Catherine Greenman

I was anxiously awaiting the release of the novel Hooked by Catherine Greenman.  However, it left a lot to be desired.  It is a book about a pregnant teens that doesn’t focus solely on the focus.  Many of the reviews I have read complained about this, but I liked that aspect.  I feel that while a pregnancy is a huge part of someone’s life, it doesn’t define every aspect of their life.  When Thea gets pregnant of course her entire life changes, but she doesn’t let that stop her life.  She falls into motherhood with a new passion: crocheting.  With that passion comes a goal to crochet her first bikini. 

I wasn’t disappointed by this story, but more with the way it was told.  The novel was longer than it needed to be and felt a little unfocused.  I wanted a little bit more from the characters, who were interested, but still a little one dimensional.  I did enjoy the concept and felt that it was told from the heart.  I still recommend this book, realizing that I may not have been the intended audience and that other readers may gain quite a bit from this read.

Happy Reading!

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  1. By the end of the novel, I had a soft spot for this new mother. Not only did she decide that she would do what was best for her baby, even if it was difficult for her or required a leap of faith, she truly grew into someone to be respected.
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