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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get Pinked Rally, San Juan County

Wow!  What a great event!  Tonight my best friend and I attended the Get Pinked Rally in San Juan County, New Mexico where we did out absolute best to dance the cupid shuffle with hopes of breaking a Guinness World Record!  Sadly, I didn't bring my camera and had to make do with my phone, but I think I captured the energy of the event.  It was wonderful to see my community decked out in pink (pink hair, clothes, pom-poms and even a pair of pink suspenders!) and to see them come together for such a wonderful cause.

You can find out more info here and don't forget to like the facebook page, and to vote for the San Juan Regional Medical Foundation Pink Glove Dance!

Thanks everyone!!



  1. How cool would it be if their video won!

  2. That would be amazing! They are the only video listed in New Mexico, so I think we have a good shot. Just need everyone to vote!


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