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Sunday, October 23, 2011

48 Hour Film Challenge with the Four Corners Film Makers

The past few months have been interesting.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to be involved with several local film products (Calendar Company, Highlander: The Watcher, and I'm Waiting).  It has only been behind the scenes stuff: photo taking, providing baked goodies and a little bit of reflector and boom mic operating.  Since I have no aspirations to be an actress, this sort of thing is perfect for me.   So how did I end up "acting" in my first short film?  Four words: 48 Hour Film Challenge.
Frantically writing...or tweeting... #FilmChallenge

This weekend I worked with the Four Corners Film Makers to create a short film over the course of a weekend (as I am writing this, editing is taking place.  As soon as the film is up on youtube, you can trust that I will be posting it here).  It was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.  The FCFM team was assigned: 
Genre: Film de Feme or Coming of Age
Character: Francis Tucker
Occupation: Marathon Runner
Prop: A wine glass
Line: "Let's pretend this never happened"
My minimal note taking and third Mountain
Dew of the night

I don't want to give anything away (I'd rather you get to see it for yourself) but let's just say our film is AWESOME!  We had an amazing cast!  I can't believe how much talent there is in my town.  The crew (many will be featured in the film) also rocked!  It was great to see a rather large group of people come together and create something in such a short amount of time.
Our fearless leader (and director), George Thomas

So many people complain about my town, saying that there are no opportunities here.  My guess is they don't look very far.  Yes, it's unlikely that some major Hollywood exec or music producer will discover anyone in Farmington, but that's not to say that someone from Farmington can't be found.  I am very excited that I have the chance to work with these amazing people and am very thankful that they've allowed me to help them produce such awesomeness!

Our prop!
If you haven't already, check out some of the videos from:

And of course:
The Four Corners Film Makers (Facebook and Blogger)!
We're dorks! 
My lovely co-stars!
Have a good one!

Photos by Melanie Leeson ©2011

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  1. Can't wait to see the end result. Since we spent so much time laughing the weekend went by fast!


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