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Friday, September 16, 2011

"Perfect" by Ellen Hopkins

As always, Ellen Hopkins has written a captivating book that I found nearly impossible to put down. I won and ARC from a contest offered by Fire And Ice back in July. I pretty much danced around the post office when the book arrived (a rather common thing for me in libraries, bookstores, the book aisle in grocery stores...) and had to suffer through an afternoon of waiting to get off work to rush home to read. And read I did.

Perfect is a companion to Hopkins' Impulse. If I had to select my favorite of Hopkins' books, Impulse just might be at the bottom of that list. However, I absolutely loved Perfect. The novel centers around four characters (I often find myself forgetting who's who when there are multiple leads, but Hopkins always handles this well), Cara (the sister of Conner from Impulse), Kendra (Conner's ex-girlfriend), Sean and Andre. I was instantly swept into the lives of these characters.

Hopkins, as always, captures the emotions of her characters and in the process creating something more. I do not feel as though I am simply reading a book when I read her work. By starting the book, I am with the character until the end. Often no one is aware of the character's delima until they are too far gone. Because of this I find myself wanting to scream at those who could help, “pay attention!” It is often to hard to remember that these characters are fictional, Hopkins paints them in such a realistic way. In case you haven't guess, I heavily recommend this (and all of her other books) to just about everyone!

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  1. Nice review. The book seems to be one of those books you can read in one day which is exactly what I will do with it.

  2. That's exactly how her books are! They look really long, but I can never put them down (even after the third or fourth read).

  3. I was debating between this book and miss peregrine's last night!

  4. Even though it showed up as unknown, I knew it was you... Go us!


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